2016 – Week 9: From a Can – Chicken Bake

52 Week Cooking Challenge 

Week 9 – From a Can

Chicken Bake

Picture the scene…

A dull cold rainy day in Glasgow.. slight hangover from the crazy night before.. a desire for something warm and filling.. what are your choices?

Our usual routine would be to hop down to a certain high street bakery and pick up a certain chicken filled pastry. Im sure you can guess what we’re talking about..

….the mighty Gregg’s Chicken Bake

For this week we decided to attempt one of our all-time favourite foods and well.. it turned out to be surprisingly simple to cook! We added some sweet potato mash as a side just to compliment the chicken.

InstaScranUk Tip… Due to the size, a little goes a long way! We only used two small chicken breasts and managed to to create four large Chicken Bakes and had excess filling left over. Always remember, in certain recipes… less is more.

Ingredients (makes 4 large chicken bakes):


For the Chicken Bake:

  • 2 small chicken breast fillets (diced)
  • 2 cans of Campbells condensed chicken soup
  • 500g puff pastry
  • 1 medium egg
  • S&P (salt’n’pepper)

For the Sweet Potato Mash

  • 2 large sweet potatoes
  • Small knob of butter


  1. Dice up the chicken breasts into 2cm chunks (remember they have to be small so they fit in the pastry!).
  2. Boil chicken for roughly 10-15 mins. If you have cut the chicken smaller, it won’t take as long, so vary cooking times. It is worth noting that the chicken is boiled so it has a soft texture – nothing worse than having a chewy chicken bake.
  3. Heat the 2 cans of condensed soup in a pan add some S&P for seasoning.
  4. Transfer the chicken to the soup and cook for a further 5 mins then turn off the heat.DSC_0652
  5. Prepare sweet potatoes by peeling and dicing in to cubes.
  6. Get the sweet potatoes in a pan and covering with boiling water. Cook for 15 mins until soft. Add butter S&P and mash mash mash. Again, vary times depending on size.DSC_0678
  7. Roll out pastry into rectangles, squares, triangles… whatever shape you want! We opted for the traditional rectangular shape. Always remember and flour all surfaces. Switch on the oven to around 210 degrees Celsius and allow it to heat up.DSC_0649
  8. Spoon soup/chicken mixture into middle of pastry and try not spread near the edges as this will make it difficult to seal. The mixture will fill the voids when its cooked in the oven.
  9. Place another piece of pastry on top and crimp around the edges. You can either use a fork or fingers, just do what you find easiest!
  10. Prepare the egg wash by whisking the egg with a dash of water.
  11. Score the chicken bakes in a desirable pattern to stop them over-expanding in the oven (yes its not just to make them look pretty). We attempted to copy the standard chicken bake design that Greggs use.
  12. Sprinkle some pepper and then apply a thin layer of egg wash. The purpose of the egg wash is to help brown the pastry in the oven.DSC_0660
  13. Fire those bakes in the oven and allow to cook for around 13-15 mins. Keep a close eye on them as they can burn quite easily. We recommend that you check them often after the first 8 mins of cooking and when they are a medium golden brown colour take them out.
  14. Serve hot with the sweet potato mash. Voila, Chicken Bakes.

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