2017 – 52 weeks of cooking…

Again, we would like to say thank you to everyone who enjoys our page and mainly our Instagram page (where we post most of our work). We are officially TWO YEARS OLD and really enjoy sharing our food experiences with everyone who wants to listen!

Our first ever post was the dorito chicken 2 years ago…

NOW…onto the Reddit 52 week cooking challenge..

  • Week 1: January 1st – January 7th: Screw-ups Revisited
  • Week 2: January 8th – January 14th: Rice
  • Week 3: January 15th – January 21st: Made Healthy
  • Week 4: January 22nd – January 28th: Chowder

Since we love our food (I hope you have gathered that by now) we love trying new things. We aren’t the type to cook the same meal every week. One night whilst on reddit.com, we came across the 52 week cooking challenge —>


The idea from them is simple:

“Every week we give you a theme. Every week, you’re cooking a dish that fits into that theme.”

DEAL. Count us in! We are going to be completing this challenge and we hope you might join in too if you see some weekly themes which you might find appealing!

Challenge Rules:

  • All posts must have a picture and all pictures must be your own. Recipes or a brief description are encouraged but not required.
  • Post title format = “Week XX: Theme – Dish Name”.
  • All cooking must be done within the three weeks that the theme is announced. (i.e. do not post a lemon dish that you made in January when the lemon theme comes up in August)
  • You can join the challenge at any point in the year, but don’t post more than 3 weeks before the current week in the sub. (i.e. if the current week in the sub is week 36, the oldest you can post is week 33)
  • If you miss a week, don’t post anything past 3 weeks from the current week – the idea of the challenge is to make time to cook weekly.
  • You can post your pictures and recipes to your personal blog and link that here (instead of linking imgur pictures) but your post still needs to follow the same rules, and no blatant advertising.

The theme for Week 1 is SCREW-UPS REVISITED. Nice and easy to start off – let’s get cracking. We will be posting our submission this weekend along with the recipe.

The idea is to get people cooking every week; cooking dishes they might otherwise not cook. It’s a great idea and we hope you get involved too!


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