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2016 – Week 8: Japanese – Chicken Katsu Curry with Sticky Japanese Rice

52 Week Cooking Challenge

Week 8 –Β Japanese

Chicken Katsu Curry with Sticky Japanese Rice

(Make your own Wagamama’s at home)

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2016 – Week 7: Air – Lemon Meringue Pie

52 Week Cooking Challenge

Week 7 – Air

Lemon Meringue Pie

(Cup of tea, Lemon Meringue Pie and Cream. Yes.)

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2016 – Week 6: Finger Foods – Shredded Duck Empanadas

52 Week Cooking Challenge

Week 6 – Figner Foods

Shredded Chinese Duck Empanadas with Homemade Hoisin

(The first ever Mexican/Chinese fusion…probably…)

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Salvo’s (Leeds)

Salvo’s – voted the UK’s Best Neighbourhood Italian Restaurant by Gordon Ramsay on Channel 4’s the β€œF Word”. That’s how this restaurant initially came to our attention. If Gordon Ramsay loves the food, then we’ll take our fellow Glaswegians’ recommendation and try it ourselves.

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Edinburgh Christmas Foodies Festival – TOP 5 STALLS.

Edinburgh Christmas Foodies Festival – TOP 5 STALLS

(In no particular order…)


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Old Salty’s – Byers Road

Mother’s Day weekend is always an excuse to eat out and try somewhere new. One thing that my family and I (Stephen) are always in the mood for is a good quality Chippy. Everyday I walk by Old Salty’s on the way to University and there’s been a Macaroni Pie mocking me in the window. Today was the day.

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Cocktail & Burger

Hidden away on arguably one of the busiest streets in Glasgow, Sauchiehall Street, you will find the small, concealed entrance to a little restaurant known as Cocktail & Burger. Craving some good eating and some lavish drinks, myself (Scott) and my girlfriend (Sarah), decided to try it out after much debate on where to go. After all, is there really a better combination than some cocktails and burgers?11005680_10155235091720725_1715428712_n

As a side note, I’d like to point out that since Stephen went to a Chinese restaurant…(without me!), I thought it would be appropriate to eat at a restaurant serving his favourite food which, of course, is a good quality burger.

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Yen Rotunda

Sometimes you fancy an authentic Chinese dinner but don’t want to feel like a slob at home stuffing prawn crackers down your throat and drinking the left over curry sauce in the morning…wait you don’t do that? Anyway…

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